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2021 & BEYOND

With over 20 years working in the sector, we recognise the need to support young people through a more holistic approach, beyond just learning experiences generated through our training and programmes. To get there, we would be strategically restructuring and refreshing ourselves based on the 4As framework, to expand our programme offerings and create more avenues for young people to receive the support and gain access to resources they need to progress and flourish their dreams.


Impact, metrics, keeping pulse on the landscape

Through Assessor, we will build an evidence-based approach towards how we approach youth development. We will be expanding our research and data management capabilities, using these to identify trends, and measure impact within the youth sector.


Creating learning experiences for learning & discovery

We will continue building on our Academy arm, creating learning experiences to help develop youths through a suite of both licensed and customised leadership, entrepreneurship and mentorship programmes.


Giving platforms and connections for action to happen

We will further expand our network and resources within the Accelerator arm, to support budding entrepreneurs and young leaders, who have passion for social change, and mentor them for positive activism.


Bring connections together, build sector leadership

We will be an Aggregator that convenes communities within the youth development space – including volunteers, enablers and donors. By connecting youths with the necessary networks, resources and opportunities, we aim to further grow our community of like-minded individuals, activating and influencing youths towards positive action.

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