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Although we cannot predict the future, we can prepare for it. Creating a learning-oriented culture is essential as it will help the team adjust to a world that is rapidly changing.

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Halogen Day: Giving Back To The Community

Towards the end of each year, Halogen Foundation designates a special day called ‘Halogen Day’ to build cohesion and team spirit. This year, we decided to go the extra mile to make use of this opportunity to give back to the community. The Salvation Army, a close partner from our NFTE programme, allowed us to revamp the Youth Development Centre with a fresh coat of paint and help reorganise the place into a brand new space for youths to engage, live, and play.

Meaningful Partnerships For Employee Development

After previous successful collaborations with talentTrust, Halogen Foundation decided to work with the talentTrust team once again as we seek to expand our learning and growth capabilities within Halogen. Alongside mentors from talentTrust, we developed frameworks to help guide our employee development and organised sessions for mentors to individually coach our staff. We also put together a series of workshops on the topic of courageous conversations and rapid prototyping.

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Our first Halogen Townhall

As Halogen Foundation looks towards a new way of working, the team put together our first ever Townhall session on an interactive virtual platform,, to recreate the office environment in a virtual world. Online simulations and virtual treasure hunts were conducted to help us visualise how it would be like working as a team in the future.

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Chief Training Officer
Our Chief Training Officer, Mr. Sean Kong, was given special recognition for his 10 years of dedicated service to Halogen Foundation.
10 Years of Service!
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Celebrating Successes
We then ended the year on a high, where for the first time, Halogen Foundation received a Special Recognition Award for the Social Service Sector as part of Kincentric Best Employers 2021. This award recognises organisations for their outstanding employee engagement.
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