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Tan Beng Chong, Martin
Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer, The Majurity Trust Ltd

Leadership skills have been at the forefront of discussion since the start of 2022. As with most things in life, our appreciation of the good only comes when we experience the bad. Hence, we only acknowledge the significance of good leadership only when we fall victim to the effects of bad leadership. 


At present, the Russian war against Ukraine has caused widespread turbulence among supply chains and systems all around the world. Additionally, the long drawn battle against COVID-19 continues, and many nations are still awaiting the true impact on their economies and citizens. During these tough times of crisis, we were yet again reminded of the importance of training our young ones to lead during uncertain times.


As I reimagine the future, two words come to mind: 'Leadership Matters’. Hence, this is why we do what we do at Halogen, so that the youths of today can become the leaders of tomorrow and be influencers in various aspects of life.


The world’s population is changing, and youths will soon be making up a high percentage of it. This untapped generation is brimming with creativity, knowledge and perspectives that are essential for the continued growth of our society. Young people have hidden potential and possess strong beliefs in making a difference in the world. As our future leaders, they should be given the opportunity to speak up and contribute in making important decisions for our society.

At Halogen, we aim to support their growth and guide them towards uncovering their strengths by providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and opportunities. In turn, this lowers their barriers for success and inspires them to take on any future challenges ahead.


On behalf of the board members, I would like to express my deepest gratitude towards our partners, donors, staff and volunteers for keeping our mission of empowering youths going. Thank you for your commitment towards youths amidst these challenging circumstances, and for believing in our cause of raising a future generation of leaders.


We are on the cusp of exciting times and I sincerely hope to have all of you alongside us as we sprint towards our vision of becoming a nexus for all youths to gather and flourish together.

Co-Founder Foreword
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