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corporate overview


Organisation Strategy


Halogen Foundation understands that the youth development cause we serve is dynamic and we need to have a clear and transparent, yet adaptive organisational strategy to govern our work. We have a 3-year Organisational Strategic Plan drawn out, and this plan is updated and presented to the Board of Directors yearly for review and approval. In this review, the Board and Management Team also deliberate on key organisational direction and outcomes, which forms the basis of alignment of goals and strategies. Based on the approved Organisational Strategic Plan, this plan is then communicated to the Staff Team, which then sets their yearly departmental and individual Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) according to this Strategic Plan. The OKRs are approved by Senior Management (CEO, COO, and CTO) and are made transparent and accessible to everyone within the organisation for accountability.

Risk Management


Halogen Foundation has an internal Organisational Risk Management Chart that is used for our internal risk assessment and management. The yearly review of the chart is led by the Management team and involves all Staff to provide inputs on possible risks faced by the organisation. Possible risk scenarios are categorised and classified into Major and Minor risks, rated in accordance to the likelihood of the risk as well as the magnitude of the risk impact. A mitigation plan and precautionary/prevention measures are added to the chart for each risk scenario. The final Organisational Risk Management Chart is then brought up to the Audit and Risk Management Sub-Committee during their annual Sub-Committee meeting for review and approval. If there are any major changes to the chart during the course of the year, the updates are brought to the Sub-Committee’s attention immediately.

Talent Acquisition


The work that Halogen Foundation does cannot be well executed without the collective strength of good people, and this informs our strategy of getting the right people on the team. All new recruitments at every level are interviewed by members of the Senior Management, through an open non-discriminatory hiring process. The rigorous process includes a hiring task, where candidates are assessed based on their ability to manage a project and on their critical thinking process specific to the skills needed by the role they have applied for. All advanced candidates also undertake an observation to our training workshops, where they are immersed in the youth development work on the ground, ensuring that there is a mission alignment to why Halogen Foundation exists. Senior Management placements are done with close consideration of the Board of Directors, with selected Directors involved in the interviewing and selection process.

Conflict of Interest


Halogen Foundation has adopted a Conflict of Interest Policy to ensure all Board members and staff act in the best interest of the organisation.

The policy aims to protect Halogen Foundation and its members from any appearance of impropriety. It mandates that all Board Members and Staff must exercise the highest duty of care and judgement when dealing with matters relating to Halogen Foundation, and to disclose all interests (commitment, investment, relationship, obligation, involvement, financial, or otherwise), which may be a potential conflict of interest. The policy provides procedures and guidelines on how conflict of interest situations are to be handled.

All Board Members and Staff are to complete a declaration at the beginning of their service, as well as make a new declaration on an annual basis or when there are any changes.

Whistle Blowing


Halogen is committed to a high standard of compliance with accounting, financial reporting, internal controls, auditing requirements and does not tolerate any malpractice, impropriety, statutory non-compliance or wrongdoing by staff in the course of their work.  In line with this commitment, the Whistle Blowing Policy aims to provide an avenue for employees, volunteers, and external parties to raise concerns and promote responsible and secure whistleblowing without fear of adverse consequences. This Policy is meant to protect genuine whistleblowers from any unfair treatment as a result of their report.

Policy On Loans


Any loans, donations, grants, or financial assistance made by Halogen for purposes outside the scope of its approved programmes shall be approved by the Board. This policy is a provision for extending support to needy youth. We have not exercised this.

Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Policy


Halogen respects the privacy of our donors, sponsors, partners, and volunteers. As such, we are committed to abide by the PDPA policy, using the personal information to engage our donors, sponsors, partners, and volunteers. They may, at any time, choose to be removed from our mailing lists. Donors’ names and particulars will not be used in any materials without permission from the donors.

Code of Ethics and Conduct


All Board members shall be committed to achieving the highest level of professionalism and integrity in the discharge of their positions.

All staff are required to conduct dealings with each other, suppliers, external organisations, and the public at large with total honesty and integrity and to do their utmost to maintain the reputation and corporate image of the organisation at all times.

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