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Contributing in areas of programme curriculum and content


Contributing in programme sponsorship and/or significant volunteering support for our programmes



Allen & Overy

Allen & Overy has been supporting Halogen Foundation for our Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) programme since 2019. Their volunteers regularly take on the role of coaches to guide NFTE students as they progress along the programme. Alongside volunteering for the NFTE programme, Allen & Overy also further supports Halogen Foundation by funding our Mentorship and NFTE programmes.


Aon Singapore

In July 2020, Aon launched a Corporate Social Responsibility campaign, “Pay it Forward with Mooncakes”, where they encouraged their clients to give their consent to forgo receiving their yearly mooncakes, and choose to have the funds donated to charity instead . The amount raised by Aon through the "Pay it Forward with Mooncakes" initiative contributed to Halogen Foundation’s Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) programme, which equips secondary school youth in the Normal Stream with business skills and activates their entrepreneurial mindset.

Untitled-2-01.png is a new partner who has joined us in 2020 to engage in the youth cause through their volunteer engagement. is a volunteer partner for our Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship programme, and is also involved as mentors for our ELEMENTS Mentorship programme.


Changi Airport Group

Since 2014, Changi Foundation has been commissioning Halogen Foundation to conduct a series of Youth Career Development Programmes to support the youth at NorthLight School to become more work-ready. ‘Be A Service Star’ and ‘Step Up!’ are programmes creatively designed for NorthLight students to gain confidence to achieve personal breakthroughs. 


Additionally, Changi Foundation adopted Metta School in 2018, and ran a specially-curated Community Service Programme with Halogen Foundation to inculcate the values of giving back to society and protecting the environment.



Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse has partnered Halogen Foundation for six years running, powering both our Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship programme (since 2016) and also the Mentorship programme with their Singapore Women’s Network (since 2019). Credit Suisse also organises regular skill-based workshops to support charities in capability building.


Citi Foundation

Citi Foundation has been the pivotal sponsor for our Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship programme for (2019 and 2020), supporting Halogen Foundation’s programme development work by funding a large portion of the programme. This support is part of Citi Foundation’s Pathways to Progress initiative. The Community & Volunteerism Leads under the CitiClub Singapore has also allowed the Citi staff to play a huge role on the ground in guiding the students through their NFTE journey.



Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank has been a volunteer partner for our Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship programme since 2018. Deutsche Bank has been volunteering regularly for our NFTE programme since the start of our partnership, and have hosted several NFTE business visits for the youth over the years. 

Deutsche Bank has also designed and run a skill-based workshop for the staff team in 2018, covering topics on problem-solving frames for our internal use.




DBS’s earliest partnership with Halogen Foundation was in 2018, where DBS availed mentors for ITE students to go through a group-based mentorship programme, ELEMENTS. Since then, DBS has also supported Halogen Foundation’s work by hosting our Leadership Masterclass in 2019, a Career Roundtable session in 2020, and participating in our  Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship programme  work sessions.



Deloitte has been volunteering for our Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) programme ever since 2019, and has also contributed time in mentoring youth from on our ELEMENTS programme. Apart from youth engagement, Deloitte also supports Halogen Foundation with skills-based volunteering to further improve our non-profit capabilities at an organisational level. 


Deloitte also invited our CEO, Ms Ivy Tse, as one of the speakers for the SheXO’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Forum 2021 in January to share on Halogen Foundation’s journey in the youth development scene.



HubSpot is a new volunteer partner for our Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship programme. Starting in 2021, Hubspot has featured Halogen as a community partner in their HEART Week. HubSpot has also raised a grant to support and fund part of our NFTE programme work in schools.


Ishk Tolaram Foundation

Focusing on our work with our Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)  graduates, Ishk Tolaram Foundation  sponsored our work in piloting and launching a Graduate Mentorship Programme (GMP) for students who have completed the foundational year-long NFTE journey. This monthly mentorship supports the shortlisted youth as they complete their secondary school education. Ishk Tolaram Foundation is also a key partner in launching our scholarship for eligible students from the GMP.




Since 2016, LinkedIn has been one of Halogen Foundation’s first few partners in the tertiary space. LinkedIn Social Impact serves to improve the social mobility and access of young people. LinkedIn has partnered us in running a range of tertiary programmes - Career Conversations, Career Roundtables, LinkedIn 101 and Mentorship, reaching out to 1,000 youth to date.



Mulesoft has been a volunteer partner for our Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship programme since 2020. Up till today, Mulesoft has been volunteering regularly for our NFTE programme since the start of our partnership.



Oracle has been a volunteer partner with Halogen Foundation since 2019, as part of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) programme. Many of their employees have been regularly volunteering for our NFTE work sessions since then. Apart from volunteering, Oracle had also sponsored headsets and office supplies to further support the NFTE programme in 2020.


Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman is a volunteer partner of our ELEMENTS Mentorship programme of 2020. Taking up University students in a one to one mentorship engagement, Oliver Wyman is paying forward their career and industry knowledge to youth who sign up for this six to eight month engagement with us.



A funding and volunteer partner of our Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship  (NFTE) and ELEMENTS Mentorship programme, PayPal will be involved in Halogen’s programmes in the upcoming fiscal year, to also build their momentum of their local Corporate Social Responsibility arm.


Partners since 2011, Salesforce provides equity support through their Nonprofit Salesforce licenses. Halogen Foundation also runs their signature Salesforce Biz Academy, an annual apprenticeship programme that benefits Polytechnic youth who are also learning about the use of Customer Relationship Management in their course of study.


Tata Communications

A funding and volunteer partner of our Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship  (NFTE) programme, Tata Communications was a pioneer supporter of NFTE, who hosted our inaugural NFTE business visit back in 2015. Tata Communications officially set up their Corporate Social Responsibility arm in 2017 to officially engage non-profit partners like Halogen Foundation.


Total Energies

Total Singapore has partnered with Halogen Foundation for three years, supporting us as a volunteer partner for the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) programme. Total Singapore first set up their Corporate Social Responsibility initiative back in 2019, and recently extended their partnership with Halogen Foundation beyond employee volunteering to  organise an e-auction  for pre-loved laptops and workstations. All proceeds were donated to the NFTE programme.



A key funder of Halogen Foundation’s Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) programme, UBS volunteers for our  work sessions and also hosts business visits for the youth participants. As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility engagements, UBS also enlists Halogen Foundation in their youth initiatives, namely their UBS SUPER and UBS-SMU Sustainability case challenge.


UBS Optimus Foundation

Setting up the Optimus Foundation in 2019, the Foundation supported Halogen Foundation in our innovation and development. The funding supported the development of  our Mentorship programmes and was invested in impact measurement research and set up.


WingTai Asia

WingTai supports our Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship programme through the partial sponsorship of corporate apparel for our youth from the programme. The grooming and corporate attire fitting segment is one of the key features of the programme. They have supported up to 2,500 youths to date.

Our programmes are also funded by:

Special thanks to the following partners for contributing their expertise, resources, and time towards our programmes:

Halogen Foundation is also a recipient of Care & Share II Grant, Bicentennial Community Fund, and the Work Life Grant.

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