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Year at a glance – Our impact numbers

To inspire and influence young people to lead themselves and others well.


13,780 Youths were impacted by Halogen in 2021!

a whopping ↑80% increase from 2020!

Together with the support of 1,687 Volunteers who clocked in a total of 12,731 Volunteering hours, we spent a total of 20,491 hours in training with our youths.


A total of S$1,709,949 was raised in support of our cause,

thanks to the generosity of all our 345 Donors & Grantors.


Thank you for inspiring and influencing a generation of young people to lead themselves and others well together with us.


Through our annual National Young Leader Award, we recognised a total of 150 Leaders. We spent a total of 1208 hours developing the leadership journey of the youths through

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92 hours of skill development

from the Leadership Masterclass and Storyboarding


243 hours networking

during Leadership Trials


216 hours video filming and editing for the award ceremony

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In the Media

We were featured in various media publications such as A Magazine, CNA, Today Online, Business Times, and Straits Times.

Developing Our Youths

We spent a total of 20,491 hours training in 2021 and ran a total of 147 programmes:

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110 Leadership Programmes

managed to reach 12,005 Youths


18 Entrepreneurship Programmes

managed to reach 749 Youths


19 Mentoring Programmes

managed to reach 1026 Youths

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Supporting Our Cause

We had the pleasure of working closely with corporate partners from 26 different organisations to reach out to a generation of youths.


1,597 Adult Volunteers

who contributed 8,394 volunteer hours


90 Youth Volunteers

who contributed 4,337 volunteer hours


Alongside 20 Staff members

and 29 Interns who dedicated their time and effort to our cause of empowering youths to create a better future for themselves and for others

We would like to thank the 345 Donors & Grantors, out of whom:

               310 are Individuals   



               35 are Corporates

For providing support towards our mission by raising grants amounting to
S$1,709,949 allowing us to continue fulfilling our vision and mission.

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